Whether you're targeting traditional casinos, online casinos, social media games, Class III gaming, Class II gaming, or some other environment, we can help.

The primary work product we provide our customers is called a PAR sheet. Our PAR sheets set the industry standard and are exceptionally clean and well documented. They not only show the results, but how we derived the results. They’ll serve both as a blueprint for your development engineers and as a product suitable for submission to gaming labs or other regulatory agencies for approval in whatever jurisdictions you’re targeting. And if questions arise from your development team or during the approval process, we’ll be there if needed to answer those questions at no additional cost.

PAR sheets are historically a gaming industry document specific to slot machines ("PAR" actually stands for payout and reels). But we've adapted the PAR sheet paradigm to provide a comprehensive math model definition for any type of game. This strategy has proven very popular with our customers, especially those who create different types of games.

Our PAR sheets include:
- Game overview
- Reel layout and validation for slot machines
- Detailed Return to Player (RTP) derivations, broken down by feature (base game, bonus games, free spins, etc.)
- Hit frequency data
- Optional Class II distribution, award list, and bingo patterns
- Payout distribution graphs
- Player simulation metrics and graphs
- Up to four different percent variations
- Advantage play analysis (if applicable)

All derived results are independently verified by exhaustive or Monte Carlo simulation to ensure quality and accuracy.

The player simulation metrics included in all our PAR sheets provide a clear, concise snapshot of the player experience. What is the average number of games played on a given bankroll? What percentage of players hit a bonus? How many players are still playing the game in five minutes? In one hour? How many players hit an award above 100 credits? Above 1,000 credits? Our player simulation metrics answer these questions and more.

Player simulation metrics provide an excellent "apples to apples" comparison between different games. And if you need to discuss your games with casino or corporate executives, our player simulation metrics include graphs that encapsulate a ton of valuable information on one page. So if your current gaming math provider's work products don't include this information, talk to us, or click the links of interest below.
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