Casino promotions are very popular with players. Promotions are usually tracked through a player's club card in traditional casinos, or by a player's user account in online casinos. The idea behind promotions is to entice the player to play longer or more often with the hope of winning an additional cash award or prize. But if a player does win, the promotion itself has an inherent cost that effectively provides an increased RTP for the player.

One great example of a video poker promotion is having a player win a cash prize if they achieve a natural Four of a Kind for all 13 card ranks within a given time period while playing the maximum bet. It sounds much easier than it really is! This promotion is especially popular in bars with video poker machines. There are of course many other possibilities for gaming promotions involving video poker, slots, or even combinations of casino games.

A classic example of a failed gaming promotion occurred at Sam's Town in Las Vegas about 30 years ago. If you played a 25-cent Jacks or Better video poker game at maximum bet and after the draw ended up with any four cards to a royal flush, you won a hand pay award of $25 (in addition to the regular machine pay). The resulting RTP was well over 100%, and players were lined up waiting to play the machines. The promotion was supposed to last several days, but not surprisingly, management cancelled it after one day. Whoever did the math for that promotion didn't do a very good job.

Don't let something like that happen to you. If you're planning a casino promotion, accurate math is crucial.

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