Scratch cards and pull tabs are really second cousins of each other. Traditional scratch cards come in countless varieties and are typically sold in retail outlets that also sell lottery tickets, either over the counter or through vending machines. Pull tabs were historically used as fund raisers for charities, fraternal organizations, and the like.

Both scratch cards and pull tabs have migrated to video platforms and online casinos. In these environments, they can offer features such as free games, bonus rounds, expanding wilds, progressives, and multiple pay lines. In addition, such games can be presented as a slot machine, either in a true random mode for Class III gaming, or with the slot machine simply displaying pre-determined outcomes for a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT). Video and online scratch cards and pull tabs typically have a much higher RTP than their paper counterparts because of the reduced overhead.

We can produce comprehensive math models for scratch cards and pull tabs with any desired award distribution or hit frequency. For example, one game might offer plenty of smaller awards and a high hit frequency, while another might focus on high awards while sacrificing hit frequency. Percent variations are perfect for physical or video scratch cards and pull tabs because it's common for higher denomination games to offer a higher RTP.

The PAR sheets we prepare for scratch cards and pull tabs include the same player simulation metrics as our slot machine math models, making it easy to quickly compare one game against another and quantify the player experience.

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