Although you'll still find plenty of traditional bingo halls that use paper tickets and daubers, bingo has expanded to video platforms and online casinos. And video bingo isn't your grandmother's Sunday afternoon bingo game.

A common video bingo paradigm is drawing a fixed number of balls, with the player winning if they match given patterns on their bingo cards. The harder it is to match a pattern, the higher the payout. A video bingo game almost always includes common bingo patterns (horizontal line, vertical line, diagonal line, four corners) plus six to ten other winning patterns. As an example, the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Game Commission has approved 137 unique bingo patterns. Further, some patterns have multiple faces. For example, the diagonal line pattern has two faces - upper left to lower right, and lower left to upper right. Matching either face wins the award associated with that pattern.

Two common variants exist for drawing a fixed number of balls. In the uniform draw, there is an equal chance to draw any of the 75 balls. In the columnar draw, a fixed number of balls is drawn from each 15-number column. A common 24-ball columnar draw has five balls drawn from the "B" column, five from the "I" column, four from the "N" column, five from the "G" column, and five from the "O" column. The chance of matching a particular pattern can change radically depending on the ball draw type.

Video bingo presents opportunities for new game features, such as non-standard card sizes (for example, 3x3 or 4x4), bonus rounds, payout multipliers, player-selectable patterns, wild balls, progressives, and more. And like traditional bingo, video bingo games almost always allow the player to play multiple cards.

We have extensive experience developing bingo math models using uniform or columnar ball drops, with special emphasis on Class II gaming markets. We'll work with you to ensure your bingo game has a mix of single-face and multi-face patterns appropriate to your design objectives. For example, one set of patterns might yield higher time on device, while another set provides higher volatility.

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