Developing and designing mathematical models for slot machines is the cornerstone of our business. Do you want a game that offers a higher time on device where the player feels they've received fair entertainment value? Or a game that offers a low hit frequency but high awards? How about a hybrid model combining elements of both? We can create slot machine math models for any specific game characteristics you can envision.

Bonus games, free spins, progressives, respins, expanding wilds, exploding wilds, stacked symbols, cascade games, steppers, and "every way" games are just some of the items in our vast slot machine arsenal - you name it, we can do it.

If requested, our PAR sheets also include a Class II award distribution with corresponding bingo patterns. That means you can use the same PAR sheet for Class III, Class II, and Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) gaming environments to leverage your investment in different markets.

And if you're targeting social media gaming, we understand the unique aspects and goals when designing for that environment.

Contact us to discover how we can help with your slot machine math needs!

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