Whether it's for a land-based casino, an online casino, social media, or some other environment, if you've designed a new type of gambling game, you need a math model for it. We can't state it any simpler or emphasize that point enough.

Concepts for new types of casino games come and go all the time (most go). Some are based on classic casino games (for example, Spanish 21 is a blackjack variant), while others are completely new.

If you've designed a new casino game, do you know if your game payouts align with the desired RTP? How much does each component or payout contribute to the overall RTP? How volatile is the game? Are there any opportunities for advantage play, either inherent to the game itself, or from a human element? These are critical things to know, and our PAR sheets will give you answers to these questions and more.

If we create the PAR sheet, we also can prepare professionally written reports for new games. Our reports typically include the game rules, payouts and RTP, hit frequency data, graphical representation of various metrics collected from our player simulations, advantage play analysis, and if applicable, advantage play mitigation strategies. In other words, our reports provide the key elements from our PAR sheets in narrative form.

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